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Customer Reviews

The only ones in Ukraine who process 1 million clients in the database in 40 minutes.

We have been working with Direct Marketing Solutions in the field of database processing and mailing services since 2012.
Many years of experience in cooperation have shown that the choice of "Direct Marketing Solutions" as one of the main contractors was completely justified. All orders were executed in full at a high level on time.
Direct Marketing Solutions is the only company in Ukraine that processes (normalizes) 1 million customers in a database in 40 minutes, and does it very well! The team of Direct Marketing Solutions has repeatedly proven its ability to meet the needs of partners in the implementation of complex and non-standard tasks.

Artur Rafaelyan

Chief expert
Credit Collection Department
"Ukrainian Bank"

Segment the customer base by a huge number of parameters.

For a year now, Idea Bank has been successfully cooperating with DM Solutions in 2 areas:
- targeted SMS mailings to potential customers
- lidogenerations
In both cases, we incredibly appreciate the experience of our cooperation, as DM Solutions is essentially the only company that can segment a potential customer base by a huge number of parameters with reference to geolocation. After testing several different formats, we found the most effective in terms of conversions and the price of an attracted application for loans and credit cards. Nothing new and provocative in terms of marketing: the highest conversions can be obtained by hitting the customer's need. And in order to find it, it is important to understand the client profile. In this "DM Solutions" are irreplaceable.
We continue to search together with DM Solutions for new chips and tools, mechanics. The company's specialists are proactive in their offer and excellent project managers. We are very grateful for this professional approach».

Oksana Vorobyova

Head of Marketing Department
JSC "Idea Bank"

The only ones in Ukraine who offer the most complete directory of geo-coordinates of settlements.

In Direct Marketing Solutions, Vodafone Ukraine 2 years ago bought SPIU with geocoordinates, as well as a directory of names and patronymics, which allowed to achieve the following goals:
Ensuring a quality process of registration and number portability in compliance with the conditions established by the state of the new Procedure for registration of prepaid subscribers (general certification) and the project Mobile Number Portability (MNP).
Improving the handling of our customers' complaints about local communication quality issues. When recording appeals, our tech. online specialists receive information about problems encountered by subscribers in real locations, which has already been converted into geocoordinates.
Improving the quality of customer service in call centers - less time is spent on fixing the address due to the choice of data when registering a subscriber's application from the drop-down windows. In addition, monthly updates of the directory by the partner eliminate the need to enter addresses manually (decommunization, the emergence of new addresses in connection with the active development of cities, etc.)
Direct Marketing Solutions is the only company in Ukraine that offers the most complete solution, where geo-coordinates are tied to the addresses of the smallest settlements.
Cooperation with a partner is only satisfying - both before the conclusion of the Agreement and the purchase of databases, and now, at the stage of support - any request is promptly responded to, consulted, updates take place on clearly defined dates, offer to try new improved products and services. 10 points out of 10 on the NPS scale!

Inna Baitsim

Quality expert of the first category
PJSC "VF Ukraine"
Quality Management and Customer Experience Department
Vodafone Ukraine