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Geo analytics

Geo analytics

We offer businesses the selection of the best locations for placement of branches, points of sale, service, points of issue, terminals or ATMs and further communication with the target audience.

Step 1: We help to determine the portrait of the audience for the business to which its product / task is directed.
Step 2: We identify geopoints on the map of Ukraine with the highest concentration of the selected audience.
Step 3: We select the target audience for the business according to the agreed portrait.

1. Understanding the location of potential consumers without involving expensive research.
2. An additional tool for making decisions about opening points of sale or service.
3. Displaying exactly the target audience of your business on the map.
4. Obtaining a graphic image on the map of the points of accumulation of your customers.
5. Formation of a map showing current and new points of sale / branches / ATMs.

1. Banks - to accommodate branches and ATMs.
2. Logistics operators - to accommodate pick-up points and parcel lockers.
3. Retail - for placing points of sale / service and opening stores.
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Assess the potential of the population of Zbarazh to make a decision to open a bank branch.

An analysis of the population of the city of Zbarazh was carried out according to the following characteristics:
1. Dynamics of the population.
2. Demographic composition (gender, age).
3. Income and expenditure of all households in the region.
4. Enterprises and legal entities.
5. Tourism potential.
6. Educational institutions.
7. Branches of banks.

Conclusion (briefly):
The population of the city is decreasing by 1-2% per year. There is industrial production and tourism (about 50 thousand people a year, of which 80% are from Poland).
Despite the presence of two state-owned banks, we believe that it is possible to attract customers if we provide the best level of service.
Also, given the low level of savings of the population, in the event of a significant purchase, the likelihood of applying for a loan is high.
For communication: according to our data, there are 4395 addresses in the city, we receive information about 9512 people, including address, gender, age, of which 1967 people have mobile numbers.